Storm Damage Restoration

After a storm hits our area, many out-of-state ‘storm chasers’ will arrive at your door to offer a free post-storm inspection. Their goal is to have you contract with them to repair any damage.

What you might be unaware of is that these companies will use local contractors to work on your property. Once they are done in our territory, they will focus on the next region hit by a storm. If you have a warranty issue with the repair work, you could have trouble with resolving it because they’ve already moved on.

M. Pierce Roofing is a local storm-damage specialist that stays local. We are here to serve you and repair your damage, and we’ll still be here should you have an issue or need follow-up.

Our skilled storm damage restoration includes:

  • hail
  • wind
  • lightning
  • damage from trees
  • water damage

If a recent storm has affected your home, business or multi-unit building, or you believe it has, M. Pierce Roofing’s trained personnel know what to look for. We will assign a technician to evaluate your property and determine if we need to contact your insurance company.

Should a cost of repair be less than your insurance deductible, we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate to complete the work. If we feel the repair will exceed your deductible, we will meet your insurance adjustor at your property to represent you in ensuring the damage is covered.

Contact us at (630) 538-1523 today to discuss your known or suspected storm damage to your home, business or multi-unit building.

We offer our local customers a gift-card program for contracted referrals as well – simply inquire when you call.

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